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Your intense love for things such as Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, or PS games doesn’t mean you are an updatable or weirdo. Being a geek or a nerd, these days is no longer a taboo. Therefore, if you are having problems finding a love partner with the same hobbies, nerd interests, and fetishes like you, you might want to try out the free Nerd Dating App trial version and interact with nerds and geeks from all over the world.

How much does the geek dating Dating site cost?

Just like any other dating site, signing up on a dating site for geeks is free. Also, the site allows you to set up a profile and limited access to your match for free. Even though our geek dating app is your best option among the different nerd sites when it comes to finding a perfect match in no time, you might want to consider buying a premium membership plan to access all the features of the site.

Depending on your budget, you can select one of the following membership plans:

It’s worth noting that the longer the membership plan, the less the premium fee.


Nerd dating app connects you with that special match that shares your love for video games, technology, or even sci-fi. The site is a great platform to interact and connect with beautiful like-minded girls. Whether you’re looking to make new friends or you want to find a romantic partner, the geek dating app will help you meet someone that you’d probably never meet in your lifetime. 

With tons of features at your disposal, you’re sure to message, video chat, and share your fetishes with beautiful strangers from all over the world. In case things aren’t working with one match, you can switch to another model on the site.

Spam & bots

When you hook up with a match on the geek dating app, you deserve to know how they are doing and how their day went. Unfortunately, we live in a time where bots drive more than 60% of web traffic. Terrible, right? Therefore, it is reasonable for users to become wary of chatbots masquerading as girls dating sites for geeks.

Bots on geek dating sites will try to sell you something or take your personal information. In case your match mentions products in an advertising tone, or the user keeps on sending links when you haven’t asked for one, chances are that you are talking to a bot. Another obvious sign that you are interacting with a bot is when the match asks for your personal financial information.

What are the rules in geek dating dating sites?

The geek dating app is committed to offering the best platform where nerds can find romance partners who feel and think the same. For more conducive interaction environment, users are expected to adhere to the following rules:

Are There Useful Features, Such as Video Chat or Match Suggestions?

Among the most impeccable features of nerd dating site is the ability to elaborate on what you’re looking for in a potential romantic partner. This means that the suggestions you get on the site will revolve around people you’ll enjoy having around you. What’s more, a premium version of the site allows you to use the mingle tab where you can check out a few suggestions and play a Q and A-game. These questions register your preferences, location, and personality to hook you up with the most appropriate match. 

The dating site for geek also offers a variety of ways to interact with other members such as instant messaging, chat rooms, mails, and winks. The site is free with an option to upgrade. What’s more, the safety of your details is guaranteed.

Is premium Membership Worth it on Nerd dating site?

As mentioned earlier, registering on dating sites for nerds is free. However, there is a lot of fun and pleasure that comes with upgrading to premium membership and utilizing full features of the site. You can choose a 1, 3, or 6 months premium plan and enjoy full access to special features on the geek dating app. Of course, premium members on the site get a VIP badge to raise your credibility and trustworthiness. 

The best way to reap the full benefits of the site is to go premium. Here, you’ll enjoy golden privileges such as accessing private messages, sending photos, video chatting, to mention a few.

Is Dating Site for Geek Trustworthy Among Nerds?

Dating experts compared some of the best dating sites for geeks and came up with several outstanding picks. As one of the best nerds dating sites, the Geek dating app creates a brilliant platform where nerds can express themselves and find a twin flame. We’ve specialized everything to suit nerds like you.

How do I date a Nerd?

While using dating sites for nerds may seem like a fashionable way to find a great romantic partner, there are several considerations one ought to make to be successful. Of course, nerds understand each other better than anyone else. So, finding a partner should bring about a fulfilling relationship.

Since most nerds are introverts, knowing where to find one is a great way to become successful. The nerd dating app is a popular way to connect with people that you would otherwise never meet on your own.

How to seduce a Geek?

While the whole idea of nerd dating may seem off, finding a nerd partner is quite straightforward. Remember, nerds, are quite selective. So, in case you come across a lady you like, don’t hesitate to make the first move. 

Getting along with a nerd is quite easy – simply express interest in his nerdy interests. In case your match maintains an alarmingly nerdy conversation, a great way to get his attention is by learning how to snap her out of it. Tell her you’re a nerd too and share stories about how you were a smart kid. She’ll instantly develop an attraction to your dorky pursuits.

The secret to flirting with a nerd is to maintain a conversation with her. Therefore, don’t attempt to cure him of his nerdiness. Instead, come up with your nerdy tendencies. This will snap her attention to you as you share your obsessions.

What are Nerd Brides like?

Generally, when a girl exhibits interest in a nerd guy, she appears cute instead of dorky and nerdy. Female geekiness is very attractive. Interestingly, nerds find geeky girls sexy and attractive because they are geeks themselves!

Of course, nerds are introverts and love spending time alone or doing what they love instead of socializing. However, when a nerd dates another geek, they are comfortable with each other and do not mind staying indoors all the time trying out new games or watching movies.

Among the interesting character traits of a nerd bride or girlfriend is the fact that she will not be afraid to be herself. Don’t be surprised when the same attitude applies to her outfit. She’ll come with a drastic eyeliner touch and a sack-like outfit and wouldn’t mind what people think about her. 

Difference between nerd dating apps for nerds and desktop site

Dating sites for nerds are increasingly becoming more and more popular with nerds from all around the world using the sites to find friends and romantic partners. It’s an awesome platform to meet link-minded individuals and share desires and fetishes. There is no much difference between nerd dating sites and their mobile application counterparts. Well, dating apps consist of a friendly interface that is easy to navigate.

Also, dating apps allow you to connect with a potential match at any time in just a click of a button. For nerds working in an open office, mobile apps are a great way to keep the conversation going with their matches without displaying everything on the desktop screens where everyone can see what they are up to.

Can I trust the geek dating with my credit card information?

Absolutely! Well, quite some features are available on the site for free. However, for those looking for more than just meeting new nerds from around the world, going premium is a great alternative. Payments on geek dating sites are done using credit cards. Thence, level up your geek dating experience by joining our dating site and searching for a match that suits your preferences.